03 Oct 11 at 10 pm
tags: bad  blahh  crying  day  hate  hate  howie  i  in  life  love  my  public  raaa  senior  you  rannntttt!  rant  rant 

Cried in public for the first time in a very long time. Just can’t keep my emotions in check. I can’t even begin to describe how I felt, I hate crying in public, it’s embarrassing and I don’t feel showing weakness. But it made it okay, because I had someone to grab hold of me and cuddle me and kiss my hair until I stopped, while I was quietly wiping my face saying I need to calm down and was okay.

Just saying, I was not.

25 Sep 11 at 8 pm
tags: humanity  disgusts  me  no  i  wouldn't  cheat  you  cocky  shit 

I just told this guy how my boyfriend is out of my league and I’m lucky to have him and how much I love him. I’ve knocked this guy back once already. And then he asks me what I’d do if he kissed me.

do you have no shame?