08 Oct 11 at 11 pm

sulky beast, isn’t he beautiful?

tags: my  boyfriend  he's  beautiful  i  love  him  even  while  he  is  sulky 
sulky beast, isn’t he beautiful?
07 Oct 11 at 10 pm
tags: angry  rant  hate  people  and  my  life  ra  ra  fml 
  • Everyone at College seems to have no manners anymore. -they don’t cost a thing, cunt.
  • Children who think they’re the shit. -you’re not, get off your high horse because I knock you off it.
  • People moaning about their problems all the time. -you haven’t got it that bad, there is a simple solution, you just want to drag out the drama.
  • People who moan and bitch because I hug my boyfriend and want to be close to him and tell me it makes them ‘sick’. - you’d do the same if you were me, it’s not like I have my tongue half way down his throat. p.s. go fuck yourself.
  • Two faced, ugly on the inside, stuck up bitches. -grow up, just grow up.
  • Boys who can’t handle having a female friend when they have a boyfriend. - I don’t want in your pants, but I’d like to be friends, it is that difficult?
  • My utter inability to like people at the moment. - everything is getting under my skin and I hate everyone, humanity is vile.
07 Oct 11 at 10 pm
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05 Oct 11 at 7 am
tags: hate  my  life  so  much  rant  cold  shorts  hospital  bitches 

'hey, y'know Gabby is coming in for physiotherapy? on her knees? She'll need to wear shorts.'

It’s freezing cold and pissing it down, yayy. ):

03 Oct 11 at 10 pm
tags: bad  blahh  crying  day  hate  hate  howie  i  in  life  love  my  public  raaa  senior  you  rannntttt!  rant  rant 

Cried in public for the first time in a very long time. Just can’t keep my emotions in check. I can’t even begin to describe how I felt, I hate crying in public, it’s embarrassing and I don’t feel showing weakness. But it made it okay, because I had someone to grab hold of me and cuddle me and kiss my hair until I stopped, while I was quietly wiping my face saying I need to calm down and was okay.

Just saying, I was not.